PC452 Patriotism Laoshan Battle Memorial Medal
  Medal Name Text (phonetic transcription)
date of issue - 1985-1987
  Authority: Certain unit troop logistics department
  Design: star breast badge, golden aluminum, ? mm across, with suspension
    Obverse: five-pointed gold star with a multi-ray point between each arm, with in the center a red field with below a white field inscripbed LSZZ (pinyin intiails for Medal Name Textmeaning Laoshan Battle) and 1985-1987, with above mountains and the inscritpion Medal Name Textmeaning August 1st (the founding date of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, which is also a symbol for the Army), surrounded by a white and red ring;
    Reverse: plain ? ;
    Suspension: ?

After February of 1986, Chinese troop launched attacks using company units, attacking the station of Vietnamese companies and platoons, and reported several victories. To commemorate the victory of the Chinsese troops in this attack, certain unit troop logistics departments issued the “Patriotism” Laoshan Battle Memorial Medal.

Patriotism Laoshan Battle Memorial Medal
Patriotism Laoshan Battle Memorial Medal