WANTED Medals of the Tai Federation and Nung Autonomous Zone

I am an avid collector of French Indochina medals. I am always interested in any items I don't have, especially any maker variations or any other special pieces, or pictures and information on the same. A brief list of known wants are below :

1 ORDER OF CIVIL MERIT - Grand Cross class or Commander class
2 ORDER OF CIVIL MERIT - example with maker hallmarks
3 MEDAL OF THE NUNG AUTONOMOUS ZONE - silver version or first class version
4 Any other variations or different examples or different manufacturers
5 Any miniatures
6 Manufacturing parts
7 Any certificates / brevets
8 Any accessories (ribbon bars, buttonhole rosettes, cases)
9 Any copies / reproductions / fakes
10 Any other related items you think I may be interested in

WANTED Information on Medals of the Tai Federation and Nung Autonomous Zone

1 Statutes and Royal Ordinances
2 References or articles
3 Any old maker catalogs with these medals for sale
4 Any other information about different maker details & types
5 Info on manufacturer marks, and designer names
6 Photos of any missing items
7 Any other interesting or variation or better example photos
8 Photo of exhibit in any museums
9 Photos of people wearing these Medals
10 Other information about copies
11 Any other additional information, experiences, stories, etc
12 Any other comments, hints, and suggestions