This part of the study of the orders and medals of Indochina, lists and comments on the western style awards of the Protectorate of Annam. An earlier study on "The Traditional Awards of Annam: The Khánh, Bôi, Tiên, and Bài" cataloged those of the Court of Hué, including the gold and silver Tiên which came later to be worn in the European fashion with ribbons.

The Order of the Dragon is an odd piece with its pairing of occidental and oriental Design elements. One of the most interesting of all stars is that of this order with the dragon clutching in its claws the central badge with its seal script inscription.

These orders and medals reflect the time well. It was a period of the greatness of the French colonial empire. Current fashions condemn colonialism, but at the time French Indochina was the pride of France. It is now a most interesting fragment of history, with a sad conclusion.

The information in this study is mostly available in the fine source works listed in the references. That which is not has been received through the courtesy of friends in France most knowledgeable on the system of awards. We owe deep thanks to Col. P. Rullier, Col. A. Guaydier, Mr. J. Hass, and Dr. P.H. Demoge. The images are of pieces from our own collections and from others who have been so kind as to allow use of images from their collections; also from the excellent work by M. Delande, from the handsome catalogs of Maison Platt, and from the other listed references.

This study was initially carried out by John Sylvester Jr. We are thankful that he has let us take up this study from his original work, and continue to expand it with additional information as available.

We request the corrections, additions, and observations of others interested in the subject.

    David Fay