The Medals:  

As France developed an increasingly full set of civil as well as military medals, it developed parallel awards for the colonies. In Indochina they were bestowed broadly on the notables to encourage diligence and loyalty to France. Old photographs of high mandarins in their traditional tunics often show them wearing an array of awards which might include the Kim Khanh, sometimes with the Tien suspended below; an ivory or gold Bai; the Legion of Honor; the Order of the Dragon of Annam; often the Royal Order of Cambodia, and perhaps the Order of the Million Elephants and White Parasol ; the French or Annamese Agricultural Order ; the French or Cambodian Academic Palms ; the Indochina Merit Cross ; and the Honor Medal of Courage and Devotion. Those who had served in the French armed forces or constabulary wore the French military medals, and those senior in the various Indochina services might have the award of that service. Cambodian and Laotian officials, or course, would have the awards of those states, including the orders and reign medals.

Sa Majeste Bao Dai


S.  E. Vi-văn- Định
S. E. Vi-văn- Định


S.  E. Nguyễn-khoa-Kỳ
S. E. Nguyễn-khoa-Kỳ


S.  E. Hoàng-Yẽn
S. E. Hoàng-Yẽn


S.M.  Khải Định
S. M. Khải Định (Cliché Musée de l’homme)