three classes – established in 1982
  For: bravery and efficiency in the performance of duties
  Design: gilt breast badge, 40mm across, with device(s) on suspension ribbon
    Obverse: a gold five pointed star, with one long smooth ray at each point and five smaller rays in each angle, the central red disk having a gold five towered Angkor Wat and a Khmer inscription above and below "Decoration, Victory.";
    Reverse: plain
  Ribbon: 27mm; yellow 2mm, red 1mm, yellow 2mm, red 4mm, yellow 9mm, red 4mm, yellow 2mm, red 1mm, yellow 2mm; folded pentagonally
  Device: on both the suspension ribbon and the service bar, 1, 2, or 3 gilt Angkor Wat emblems depending on the class

The First Class has three small gilt Angkor Wat devices on the suspension and service ribbons, the Second Class two, and the Third Class one larger device.

This medal is relatively common.

The Victory Decoration Cl1
PRK4 The Victory Decoration - 1st Class
The Victory Decoration Cl2
PRK4 The Victory Decoration - 2nd Class

The Victory Decoration Cl3
PRK4 The Victory Decoration - 3rd Class