three classes – established in 1982
  For: contribution to the economy and the reconstruction of Cambodia after the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime
  Design: gilt breast badge, 42mm across, with device on suspension ribbon bar
    Obverse: roughly circular with an outer gold rim of many leaf-like points and a larger protruding point at the four cardinal points, a green inner rim with a gold stylized wreath below and a Khmer inscription above "Medal of National Construction", and an inner red disk with a map of Cambodia in gold with the Mekong River and the Tonle Sap Lake in blue and a pair of open hands below.;
    Reverse: plain
  Ribbon: 22mm; red, orange yellow, or blue ribbon bar depending of the class
  Device: on both the suspension ribbon bar and the service bar, a gilt Angkor Wat emblem

The three classes are suspended in "hero" style from red (first class), orange yellow (second class), and blue (third class) ribbon bars, each having a gold five towered Angkor Wat device.

National Construction Medal Cl1
PRK10 The Medal of National Construction - 1st Class
National Construction Medal Cl2
PRK10 The Medal of National Construction - 2nd Class

National Construction Medal Cl3
PRK10 The Medal of National Construction - 3rd Class