single class – established in 1986
  For: service in the People’s Revolutionary Army
  Design: gilt breast badge, 31mm across, with suspension ribbon
    Obverse: rounded with 16 points with squared small sections between, and a central disk of a red background containing above a gold five towered Angkor Vat, crossed sword, crossbow and rifle, a portion of a cogwheel and gold Khmer inscription on red saying "Decoration Issarak Combatant", with green sheaves to the sides having gold bases;
    Reverse: plain
  Ribbon: 27mm; red 9mm, yellow 2mm, red 1 1/2mm, yellow 2mm, red 1 1/2mm yellow 2mm red 9mm; folded pentagonally

It is not uncommon.

The Issarak Combatants Decoration 1
PRK5 The Issarak Combatants Decoration

Variations (or concoctions ?)

The Issarak Combatants Decoration 1
example with ribbon variation (ex-Sylvester coll.)
The Issarak Combatants Decoration 2
example with gilt broach "27-2" (ex-Sylvester coll.)