single class and a medal – established 1982
  For: foreigners and expatriate associations who assisted Cambodia
  Design: gilt breast badge, 40mm across, with suspension ribbon
    Obverse: an eight pointed gold star, with five smooth rays constituting each point and one small one in each angle, the light blue central disk having a white pair of shaking hands below, a white dove above that, a gold five towered Angkor Wat above that, a sheaf of grain on either side, and a gold Khmer inscription on a red background above and below saying respectively "Decoration, Friendship.";
    Reverse: plain
  Ribbon: 27mm; yellow 2mm, red 1mm, yellow 2mm, red 5mm, green 7mm red 5mm, yellow 2mm, red 1mm, yellow 2mm (with several variations); folded pentagonally

The badge of the medal is 36mm across, with the eight points of three equal rays, and a smaller disk with the Khmer inscription above “Medal” and below “Friendship” without a red background.

The decoration is common, the medal less so.

The Friendship Decoration
PRK8 The Friendship Decoration
The Friendship Medal
PRK9 The Friendship Medal

The Friendship Medal 2
PRK9 The Friendship Medal with Ribbon Bar
(maybe this is just a concoction)


Various Ribbon weaves have been observed:

Large Weave
large weave
Medium Weave
medium weave
Small Weave
small weave