three classes and a medal – established 1982
  For: outstanding achievement in agricultural production or in the cause of building Cambodia
  Design: gilt breast badge, 38mm across, with device(s) on suspension ribbon
    Obverse: oval badge of many gold rays with short rays around the gold rimmed central disk which contains a gold design of a shock of grain on the left and a portion of a cogwheel on the right, enclosing a five towered Angkor Wat above, a curlicue below, and an open book below that, all on a red background, with light blue outside of the sheaf and cogwheel, and the Khmer inscription "Labor" below and another Khmer inscription “Decoration” above the design on the rim.;
    Reverse: plain
  Ribbon: 27mm; yellow 3mm, green 6 1/2mm, greenish blue 8mm, green 6 1/2mm yellow 3mm; folded pentagonally
  Device: on both the suspension ribbon and the service bar, 1, 2, or 3 gilt Angkor Wat emblems depending on the class

The First Class has three small gilt Angkor Wat devices on the suspension and service ribbons, the Second Class two, and the Third Class one larger device.

Only one striking has been seen.

The order is not uncommon.

The badge of the medal has a similar design on the central disk, but is rounded, 37mm across, with 16 rounded points and two short rays between each point, and an edge for the disk that has beads below the top Khmer inscription "Medal".

The suspension ribbon for the medal is of "hero" style, but without the usual metal frame.

The Labor Decorantion Cl1
PRK6 The Labor Decoration - 1st Class
The Labor Decorantion Cl2
PRK6 The Labor Decoration - 2nd Class
The Labor Decorantion Cl3
PRK6 The Labor Decoration - 3rd Class
The Labor Medal
PRK7 The Labor Medal