Ordre du Million d'Eléphants et du Parasol Blanc
Itsariyaphon Lan Sang Hom Khao (Itsariyaphon Lan Sang Hom Khao)

originally one class – established May 1, 1909 by Royal Ordinance 1; modified August 18, 1923; raised to four classes, November 20, 1927; and later raised to five classes and collar October 10, 1936
  For: civil and military merit in the development of the Kingdom and for devotion to the Kingdom
  Design: Obverse: three headed white elephant (Erawan), with red cloth on the foreheads, and below, a gold wreath around a stylized green peacock tail, and above, separated by four oblong gold shields, a seven tiered white royal umbrella, and above that a red riband ending in gold curlicues, with the inscription in Lao script Lan Sang Hom Khao Luang Prabang (Lan Sang Hom Khao Luang Prabang) or "The Million Elephants and the White Parasol of Luang Prabang";
    Reverse: plain
  Ribbon: 36mm: red 1½mm, yellow 1mm, red 1mm, yellow 2mm, red 26mm, yellow 2mm, red 1mm, yellow 1mm, red 1½mm, with inside the center two sets of Laotian design arabesque yellow diamond shaped lines of 1mm width, with points toward center.

Originally only for Laotians, a royal ordinance of August 18, 1923 authorized the award of this order to those who had 10 years military or civil service in France, Indochina, or other colonies, and were proposed by the Governor-General of Indochina or the Resident Superior of Laos.

This order was extensively awarded over the years, and the lower classes are commonly found.


1/0 Collar of the Grand Cross
  For: the King and foreign chiefs of state
  Design: badge, 36mm across, suspended from a chain of linked gold thin stylized foliage and broad silver leaves

King Savang Vatthana
King Sri Savang Vatthana

Wearing the Collar and Star of the Grand Cross of the Order of the Million Elephants and White Parasol, the Order of the Reign, the Order of the Crown, the Medal for Excellence in Education, the Order of Agricultural Merit, and the Order of Civil Merit


1/1 Grand Cross / Grand-Croix / Patamaphon (Patamaphon)
  Design: star, central device as above, with background of four claw-like knobbed silver faceted protrusions of whose three curls each, two turn to right and one to left, and, between these, extended five pointed rays, longer toward the middle, 84mm across;
    badge, as above, 36mm across, with sash
  Ribbon: sash 100mm; red 3½mm, yellow 3mm, red 3½mm, yellow 5½mm, red 69mm, yellow 5½mm, red 3½mm, yellow 3mm, red 3½mm, and a similar pattern of arabesque lines of 2mm width; service bar – with rosette with gold wings

laos ome star and badge
1/1 Grand Cross Star and Sash Badge
(Ex-collection Robert McNamara – USB Auction 2008 11 04 Lot 595)

laos ome star lacthuyvien
(La Galerie Numismatique Auction 2008 12 11 Lot 139)

laos ome gc
1/1 Grand Cross Set with Arthus Bertrand Case
Libert Auction 2010 02 17 Lot 470

laos ome gc star
1/1 Grand Cross Star

1/2 Grand Officer / Grand-Officier / Tudiyaphon (Tudiyaphon)
  Design: star, as above, 84mm;
    breast badge as above, 36mm across, with rosette on suspension ribbon
  Ribbon: 36mm; service bar – with rosette with one gold and one silver wing


1/3 Commander / Commandeur / Dadiyaphon (Dadiyaphon)
  Design: badge as above, 36mm across, suspended from a cravat
  Ribbon: 36mm; service bar – with rosette and silver wings

laos ome commander
1/3 Commander

1/4 Officer / Officier / Jadutaphon (Jadutaphon)
  Design: breast badge as above, 32mm (or sometimes 36mm) across, with rosette on suspension ribbon
  Ribbon: 36mm; service bar – with rosette

loas ome officer
1/4 Officer

1/5 Knight / Chevalier / Banjamaphon (Banjamaphon) (as was the 1909 award)
  Design: breast badge as above, 32mm across, with suspension ribbon
  Ribbon: 36mm; service bar – without rosette

laos ome knight
1/5 Knight

Manufactured by Maison Bacqueville (1973)

laos ome bacqueville commander
1/3 Commander
laos ome bacqueville knight
1/5 Knight

Early Types and Variations

Auger Froment Meurice maker

Those of French makers can differ some, for instance that made by Auger Froment Meurice, which has a more three dimensional character.

laos ome afn Type

ome afn device
example with bottom device - any information on this device ?
laos ome afn variation
example with maker name

Other early types in silver

laos ome early
Early Type in Silver
laos ome early female 2
Early Type in Silver (with custom clip for a female)

Local Lao Made Types

Those made in Laos can be more crudely made, with paint rather than enamel or crude enamel.

laos ome local commander
Local made variation, commander's class without enamel (ex-Sylvester)

laos ome local commander
Local made variation similar to the above - silver-gilt without enamel
(medal property of Pathana Boupha Antique House - 26/2 Ban Visoun, Luang Prabang, Laos)

laos ome local knight 1
Local made (ex-Sylvester)
laos ome local knight 2
Local Made

laos ome local knight 3
Local Made - crude cast and painted
laos ome local knight mini
Local made reduction (ex-Sylvester)


Re-manufactured versions currently made in Thailand :



Possible modern aged Vietnamese reproduction ? (Anybody have information about this ?)

laos ome knight copy viet


laos ome planchet
Unfinished Star Front-Badge

laos ome gc star
Unfinished Star Back-Plate

Other Insignia

Some of the unit insignia of the Royal Lao Army reproduced parts of the design of the Order of the Million Elephants and White Parasol, for instance that of the 4eme Bataillon de Chasseurs Laotiens organized in November 1945.

laos 4th bcl insignia

Unknown Medala

This medal appears to be based on the Lao medal. Does anyone know what it is ?

laos 4th bcl insignia
Unknown Medal - full size (missing suspension)

laos 4th bcl insignia
Unknown Medal - miniature