Ordre du Mérite Féminin
Itsariyaphon Sati Suphaphon (Itsariyaphon Sati Suphaphon)

one class - established ???
  For: meritorious deeds by women
  Design: round gold badge, 38mm across, with bow suspension ribbon
    Obverse: two gold feminine sitting figures (possibly being Rama and Sita from the Ramayana - in Lao, respectively Phra Lam and Nang Sida) on plain background, surrounded by a gold frieze of points and branched curlicues;
    Reverse: plain
  Ribbon: 33mm; brick red 33mm, tied in a bow sometimes with an elaborate gold clip to the suspension ribbon

Two varieties have been seen, one flatter and all gold, the other more rounded with a silver background to the design. They both appear French made.

This order is uncommon.

O Feminine Merit T1
variation with silver background

O Feminine Merit 2
variation with gold background

O Feminine Merit Compare

silver background variety gold background variety

picture wearing