Médaille de la Résistance Franco-Laotienne
one class – established April 25, 1949 by Ordinance 57
  For: Laotians and Frenchmen who participated in the struggle against the Japanese during WW2
  Design: bronze breast badge, 31mm across, with suspension ribbon
    Obverse: in the center a three headed elephant and seven tiered parasol above, with curlicues and a Cross of Lorraine on either side, and around the edge, at top in small letters the inscription RESISTANCE FRANCO LAOTIENNE 10 MARS 1945 – 29 AOUT 1945 and at the bottom the Lao inscription Medal Name Text meaning Resistance against the Enemy of Laos 10th March 1945 – 29th August 1945;
    Reverse: curled dragon with border of curlicues, and in the center a blank straight area for the engraving of the recipient’s name
  Ribbon: 36mm; red 8½mm, white 19mm, red 8½mm

This medal was for Lao and French who participated in the struggle against the Japanese occupiers during WW2 (and perhaps some who fought subsequently against the Lao Issara). It perhaps can be better described as an award of France rather than Laos.

This medal was limited to 400 numbered pieces. Some known Lao recipients include:

  Nouphat Chounramany
  Phagna Soukhaswasdi Khamsouk Keola
  Toulia Lyfoung
  Chanda Ounthouang
  S.E. Phao Panya, Phagna Koumphon Seukluong Muongsai
  Khammao Phounsavath
  Ngon Sananikone
  Souvannavong Outhong
  S.E. Thao Liep Soumpholphakdy
  Nhok Sengtianthr
  Phou-Sourya Viraphan
  Thongsavat Vongsavanthong

This medal was manufactured by the Paris Mint (La Monnaie de Paris).

This medal was not uncommon before, but has become expensive on the market.


Resistance Medal
13 Full Size
Resistance Medal mini
13 Miniature

Resistance Medal Detail
13 Detail

Resistance Medal Model
13 Model

Maker’s hallmark edge – Monnaie de Paris

Resistance Medal Edge Mark