Médaille d'Honneur du Service Radio-electrique
two classes – established September 30, 1937
  For: service by employees of the Radio Service
  Design: round breast badge, bronze/silver, 32mm across, with suspension ribbon
    Obverse: wearing a Liberty cap and wreath, the head of a woman symbolic of the Republic facing left, with the inscription around “REPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE” and below “INDOCHINE”;
    Reverse: the inscription “SERVICE RADIO-ELECTRIQUE”, and “TRAVAIL - HONNEUR – DEVOUEMENT”, and a cartouche for the name of the recipient and date of presentation
    Suspension: double-cone knob
  Ribbon: 30mm width, with six sets of red, white, and blue stripes 1½mm each

This medal is identical to that for the Indochina PTT Service, except for the differing inscription on the reverse.

13/1 Silver First Class
  For: twenty years service, acts of courage, or exceptional merit
  Design: awarded in silver
  Ribbon: with rosette

Indochina Radio Service Medal
FI13 Indochina Radio Service Medal


13/2 Bronze Second Class
  For: fifteen years service, merit, or particularly useful work
  Design: awarded in bronze