Médaille d'Honneur du Travail
three classes – established August 28, 1936
  For: long and irreproachable service, or for special acts of courage and devotion, by workers and native employees of industrial and commercial establishments and by native servants and domestics, as well as by individuals and other subordinate native agents for merit
  Design: round breast badge, bronze/silver/gold, 27mm across, with suspension ribbon
    Obverse: wearing a Liberty cap and wreath, the head of a woman symbolic of the Republic facing right, with the inscription around “INDOCHINE FRANÇAISE”;
    Reverse: a native farmer with the inscription above “HONNEUR ET TRAVAIL”, and with a space below for the name of the recipient which is flanked by two dragons with their heads down
  Ribbon: 28mm width, with horizontal red, white, blue stripes, of about 28mm height each

A specimen of this award from the collection of Col. Guaydier is inscribed on the reverse NG. V. KIET 1er Mai, 1941. Note the comment on the Indochina Honor Medal about possible use of that design for a wartime Medal for Workers in Indochina. A French Indochina broadcast of November 21, 1943, had noted the award of a Medal for Workers in gold and silver (and bronze?) with concurrent monetary award of 20, 15, or 10 Piasters as "proof of Admiral Decoux's solicitude for the Indochinese worker".

16/1 Gold Medal
  For: 35 years service

Medal for Workers
16/1 Medal for Workers - Gold

16/2 Silver Medal
  For: 25 years service

Medal for Workers
16/2 Medal for Workers - Silver

16/3 Bronze Medal
  For: 15 years service

Medal for Workers
16/3 Medal for Workers - Bronze
named to PHAM VAN DONG 1938