Médaille du Mérite des Militaires et Gardes Civils Indigènes, or Médaille Militaire du Governement Général
July 21, 1890 - May 1, 1891
  For: Tonkinese and Annamese soldiers and members of the Native Guard for distinguished action or serious wounds
  Design: round breast badge, silver gilt, 30mm across, with suspension ribbon
    Obverse: around the edge a wreath of gilt oak leaves on right and laurel leaves on left, with a central disk inscribed in the center "VALEUR ET DISCIPLINE" and around "PROTECTORAT DE L'ANNAM ET DU TONKIN";
    Reverse: identical to obverse except that center inscribed in Chinese-style characters "courage and character" and around the edge in characters "Protectorat of Annam and Tonkin";
    Suspension: the medal is held by the teeth and claws of a tiger, with crossed native swords (đao) above the tiger's head
  Ribbon: blue 6mm, yellow 24mm, blue 6mm, with large black Chinese­-style characters for the Emperor's reign name "Ðông-Khánh"; usually in width 36mm, but also known in width 27mm

This is also known as the Military Medal of Annam or of Emperor Ðông-Khánh, the latter a misnomer according to Lepage since it was the creation of Governor General Piquet and was bestowed only after the death of Ðông-Khánh. This was because of the long delay between the order for the medal, its manufacture in Paris by Lasne, and the actual receipt of it in Indochina. It was suppressed on instructions from Paris apparently on grounds that there already existed sufficient awards, such as the Kim Tiền and the Ngân Tiền, to reward merit on the part of the Annamese and Tonkinese soldiers and constabulary. Some, however, were bestowed. Nguyen Van Hang of the 1st Tonkinese Rifle Regiment, for instance, received this medal for action against Chinese bandits on July 4, 1890. But most of these medals in collections probably came straight from the French manufacturers. The recipients were also given an allowance of 12 piasters a year. (For selected references - see here)


Military and Native Guard Merit Medal
FI01 Original Version - Silver Gilt
(Note: Characters for Ðông-Khánh are upside down on suspension ribbon.)

Military and Native Guard Merit Medal - by Delande
FI01 Version manufacured by Delande (unfinished - bronze - not yet gilded)

Military and Native Guard Merit Medal - by Delande - Mark
detail of Delande hallmark “METAL” on suspension ring