Médaille du Personnel des Forêts de l'Indochine
one class – established April 3, 1928, amended May 6, 1929
  For: personnel of the Indochina Forestry Service for merit and service
  Ribbon: yellow 7mm, light green 6mm, red center 12½mm, light green 6mm, yellow 7mm

Examples are known both struck and cast, the cast ones probably manufactured in Indochina. 50 awards were allocated for Europeans and 30 for natives, with an annual allowance of 50 Francs.

10/A First Design (April 3, 1928)
  Design: round breast badge, silver, 30mm across, with suspension ribbon
    Obverse: the head of a woman symbolic of the Republic, with the inscription “INDO-CHINE FRANÇAISE”;
    Reverse: in the center the inscription “HONNEUR ET MÉRITE” surrounded with the circular inscription “SERVICE DES FORETS DE L’INDOCHINE”;

10/B Second Design (May 6, 1929)
  Design: polygonal breast badge, silver, 32mm across, with suspension ribbon
    Obverse: the forepart of two dragons facing outwards, with inside the Chinese-style characters for "watching the forests", and above the monogram FR enclosed in foliage;
    Reverse: above a linear pattern leading to the suspension, with below the inscription “SERVICE DES FORETS”, and below that “HONNEUR & MERITE” and “INDOCHINE”;
    Suspension: fixed slot

The latter design also has the small signature MERCIER on the reverse.

Indochina Forestry Medal
10 Indochina Forestry Medal

Indochina Forestry Medal Brevet