Médaille d'Honneur du Service des Chemins de Fer non concédés en Indochine
one class – established June 24, 1929
  For: 15 years service or merit by the personnel of the Indochina Railways
  Design: round breast badge, silver, 27mm across, with suspension ribbon
    Obverse: a locomotive headed right viewed by three Indochinese in straw non la hats, with the inscription above INDOCHINE FRANCAISE;
    Reverse: rectangular cartouche for engraving the name of the recipient, with a dragon design below and flaming jewel and decoration above, and at the top the inscription CHEMINS DE FER;
    Suspension: knob
  Ribbon: 30mm; green 5mm, red 5mm, yellow 10mm, red 5mm, green 5mm

This was replaced by the Overseas France Railways Medal for Indochina.  10 medals were allocated for European personnel and 100 for natives, with an annual allowance of 100 Francs (200 after March 30, 1931).

Indochina Railways Medal
14 Indochina Railways Medal


Indochina Railways Medal
14 Indochina Railways Medal (manufactured by Delande ?)