Médaille d'Honneur des Travaux Publics
one class – established November 15, 1939
  For: 15 years service in the Public Works Administration, acts of exceptional courage and duty, or work of particular usefulness to the Administration
  Design: round breast badge, silver, 31mm across, with suspension ribbon
    Obverse: wearing a Liberty cap and wreath, the head of a woman symbolic of the Republic facing left, with the inscription around “REPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE” and below “INDOCHINE”;
    Reverse: the inscription “TRAVAUX PUBLICS” and “TRAVAIL - HONNEUR - DEVOUEMENT”, and a cartouche for the name of the recipient and date of presentation;
    Suspension: double-cone knob
  Ribbon: 36mm; blue 2mm, white 2mm, red 2mm, emerald green 24mm, red 2mm, white 2mm, blue 2mm

This is similar to the Indochina PTT and Radio Service Medals.

Medal for Public Works
17 Medal for Public Works


Medal for Public Works
17 Medal for Public Works detail