Médaille de la Garde Indigène
one class – established June 15, 1929
  For: Indochinese members of the Native Guard for merit or 15 years of service, 10 of which in the Guard
  Design: squarish breast badge, silver, 29mm across, with suspension ribbon
    Obverse: wearing a helmet, the head of a woman symbolic of the Republic facing left, and in rectangular panels on either side respectively the inscriptions “INDOCHINE” and “FRANCAISE”, with a pattern of five triangles above leading to a straight suspension;
    Reverse: two palm branches enclosing the inscription “HONNEUR ET PATRIE”, and above that the inscription “GARDE INDIGENE”, “GARDE CIVIQUE”, or “GARDE INDOCHINOISE”, and below at the crossing of the palms a stylized grenade;
    Suspension: fixed slot
  Ribbon: 36mm; 6mm orange, 24mm blue, 6mm orange

This handsome Art Deco piece was designed by the sculptor Mercier. 80 medals (and 100 Francs a year) were to be given annually to Europeans and 600 medals (and 10 Paisters a year) to natives. It is reported that the records of Col. Sculfort for the Colonial Exposition of 1931 note this award in version B for the members of the then named Garde Civique who participated in the Exposition.

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7/A Normal Version
  Design: Reverse: inscription above reads "GARDE INDIGENE"

Native Guard Medal
FI07/A Normal Version - GARDE INDIGENE

7/B Version
  Design: Reverse: inscription above reads "GARDE CIVIQUE"

7/C Version
  Design: Silver, Bronze; Reverse: inscription above reads "GARDE INDOCHINOISE"

Native Guard Medal
(from La Phalère - Item 3063)

Brevets / Documents

Native Guard Medal Brevet
FI07 Brevet