1. R.D. Stiot, "La médaille de la Garde indigène de l'Indochine", Carnet de la Sabretache, 2e Trimestre 1984, Nouvelle Series No 71, pp 16.

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Native Guard Medal - Ref


In the Carnet no 69 we discussed the creation in 1890 of the Military and Native Civil Guards Merit Medal of Indochina and its ephemeral attribution and that it is necessary to wait for the order of June 15th, 1929 so that a medal is created to reward good and loyal services of European civil servants, officers and native guards in active service of the corps of the Native Guard.

This silver medal is the size of 27 mm bearing on the obverse the head of the Republic with in epigraph the words FRENCH INDOCHINA and the reverse the inscription NATIVE GUARDS with in the center a wreath of leaves framing the motto HONOR / AND / COUNTRY ; it is suspended from a ribbon 37 mm wide, of blue with yellow edging of 6 mm.

The medal was awarded by the Governor General, on the proposal of the heads of local administrations, to the aforementioned personnel if they had fifteen years of impeccable service (excluding military service) including six years in the service of the native guard of Indochina, or if they were observed in an exceptional service in action. If the complete contingent of medals, fixed at 680 including 80 European staff was attained, there could be no other medals awarded other than by the measure of redemption or expulsions (for serious fault).

The holders received free the diploma and medal with its ribbon and had right to an annual allocation of a hundred paisters for European agents and ten piastres for native agents, paid during their lives.

Commissioner-General(CR) R.D. STIOT.

Native Guard Medal Ribbon - Ref

Native Guard Medal Medal - Ref