LP01 NATIONAL GOLD MEDAL - Award Ceremony Speeches

Speech of Kraisone Phromvihane in the National Gold Medal Presentation Ceremony to Supanuvong, 13 July 1989

Kraisone Phomvihane Picture
Kraisone Phomvihane, Secretary General of Lao People’s Revolutionary Party Center, President of the Council of Lao PDR, speaking in the ornamentation ceremony of National Gold Medal to Suphanuvong, on the occasion of his 80 years birthday anniversary (13 July 1909-13 July 1989). [1979 photo used for reference]

Secretary General of Lao People’s Revolutionary Party Center, President of the Council of Lao PDR in the ornamentation ceremony of National Gold Medal to Mr. Suphanuvong, on the occasion of his birthday anniversary of 80 years with these contents :-

Dear Suphanuvong !!!

Dear all friends…

Today we are very proud to commemorate our friend’s birthday; Mr. Suphanuvong anniversary of 80 years. In this occasion, the Political Party Center, the People’s Congress and Council of Ministers, have agreed to ornament the National Gold Medal to our friend. I’m very appreciated on behalf of our party and our state to ornament the highest medal to our friend.

Everyone knew well that Mr. Suphanuvong is a great intelligent person.

He is royalty person, patriotism deeply, who brought his life battle and revolution from the beginning. During the past half-century, he passed the hard and difficult contestation. He sacrificed many things for us under communist party of Indochina in the past and Lao People’s Revolutionary Party at present time. Mr. Suphanuvong was truly patriotism and became the revolutionary warrior. He was an outstanding leader and respected the tribal Lao people.

Throughout his lifetime, he was responsible the important days although any positions or situations, he and his group in our party-state have dedicated willingly with their abilities in contestation for release our nation in the past and prevention including development our nation at present time to have the independence, sovereignty, and the wealth of tribal people.

By the party’s route, his abilities, his moral and his incidence became something stimulated and absorbed the tribal people and the persons both inside and outside the country. The important factor was the harmoniousness which can guarantee the victory in the nation.

President Suphanuvong, to ornament you this National Gold Medal in the occasion of an auspicious day. That meant our party and our Lao people appreciated in your constant, therefore we have to respect you in your obligation to the country with your duties in revolution which filling with the victory. You had battled and protected our country in the past and will establish the country in the future.

I have to take this occasion blessing you away from illness and healthiness.

(from the book of Mr. Suphanuvong; revolutionary leader, pages 11,12,13)


Speech of Supanuvong in the National Gold Medal Presentation Ceremony, 13 July 1989

Suphanuvong Picture
Suphanuvong, the committee of Lao People’s Revolutionary Party Center, speaking in the National Gold Medal presentation ceremony 13 July 1989.

Dearest Mr. Kraisone Phomvihane, Secretary General, I’m very appreciated and very proud to receive the National Gold Medal of Lao People’s Democratic Republic, in the occasion of my 80 years anniversary.

I realized in the obligation towards the party-state and the fellow citizen who given me the value in my duties, released the tribal people out off the foreigner’s occupying and the social’s molestation.

Because of my lifetime has dedicated to our country, therefore, all of my Honor which I received on this day belonging to Lao People’s Revolutionary Party, the descendant the duties of Communist Indochina Party in the past which belonged to the officers, the warriors and all of tribes in the country. The descendant who participated our mission today deemed that the Honor person should not be selfish, but should be generous and supported our nation.

All beloved friends……

Among the atmosphere of national establishment and development in economic and social, I confirm again that I will dedicate my energy and my intelligence for this mission.

(from the book of Mr. Suphanuvong, the revolutionary leader, pages 14-15)