(Q: Does anyone know what this medal was issued for ?)

  For: Unknown ?
  Design: round breast badge, gold, 34mm across, with suspension ribbon and top bar
    Obverse: figure of walking soldier holding a rifle, surrounded by a Lao inscription above for Sacrificed for the Kingdom of the Million Elephants and White ParasolLao text gif(sa-la-si-wit pueh lad-sa-na-jak laan-saang hohm-khao) and a Lao inscription below for People‚Äôs ArmyLao text gif(G.B.S.) [abbreviation for Lao text gif(gong-tabp bah-sa-son)], and above that a (floral) suspension ;
    Reverse: plain
  Ribbon: 38mm; red 9mm, yellow 4mm, blue 4mm, green 4mm, blue 4mm, yellow 4mm, red 9mm

Unknown Medal Picture
Unknown Medal