LP15 BADGE FOR RESISTANCE AGAINST THE FRENCH (or Medal for Resistance Against the French) or Anti-Colonial Badge
  Lao text gif(lian-ga dtaw-dtahn jak-gah-pahd fa-rang 1945-1954)
single class – established in 1974
  For: participants in the war 1945-1954
  Design: star breast badge, gilt with enamels, 45mm across, with suspension bar
    Obverse: gold star, with a large disk with a center being concentric red, blue, and stylized sheaves of rice around the edge in gold, and a small portion of a cogwheen in light blue below;
    Reverse: plain
  Ribbon: suspension to an enameled red bar, 22mm, with Lao inscription above for resistLao text gif(dtaw-dtahn) and dates "1945-1954" below

Reported to be Chinese made.

Badge for Resistance Against the French Picture
Badge for Resistance Against the French