LP02 MEDAL FOR NATIONAL HERO - Award Ceremony Speeches

Speech of Kraisone Phomvihane at the Hero of the LPDR Presentation Ceremony 9/4/1979

Kraisone Phomvihane Picture
Kraisone Phomvihane, Secretary General of Lao People’s Revolutionary Party Center, President of the Council of Lao PDR. Introduction speech at the meeting of the national heroic championship. (9/4/1979)

Highlights of the Introduction

of Mr. Kraisone Phomvihane

Secretary General of Lao People’s Revolutionary Party Center towards the meeting of the national heroic championship, on date 9/4/1979 at Vientiane Capital.

The introduction of him focused the highlights for the officers, the warriors and the tribal people throughout the nation for established their bravery which occurred from four factors as follows :-

First highlight :- either persons who were hero and championship should be awake in sensual, it meant that should patriotism and extremely loved friends, included the stress in their enemies, be able to distinguish friends or enemies. Hereupon, not only seen the enemies carrying the guns or not only durable with the bullets, not only for the thousand or million of bomb, but they should durable for war of nerves namely rank and position, courtesan and money. Afterwards, they should presented their own appearance, the Honor of the revolutionary warriors shown their loyalty, pure spirit, ideals of the party, purity for the nation’s advantages and for the tribal people.

From the above mentions, it was to practice and preach themselves passing through the national revolution which was delicate highly patriotic and resolute spirit. During the national revolution or established and developed the nation, in order to be independence, immunity, harmoniousness, equality between the tribe and for the completeness of the tribal nation throughout the country.

What can proof were friends namely Sithong who fought until death, Jantha who was an old woman and other persons.

Second highlight :- To be the leader in every areas tasks, fighting areas and developmental area in economic-social, accordance with the party-government’s change, struggle the adversities-sacrifice, accomplish in tasks and duties our party-government and people had assigned.

Third highlight :- he said that :- the important factor was the harmony inside their unity from the top to the bottom and from the bottom to the top under the corrected ways of our party, because the special point of our country was in each division – therefore, there were the tribes in the local area.

Accordingly, the harmony between tribes was appeared in established their nation. Wherever had the harmoniousness inside them, that tribe would receive the victory although there were many enemies.

Fourth highlight :- the officers, the warriors and the tribal people, the hero, the championship were received the Honor for nation in this history. They practiced and training grievously with their qualification, their abilities, their thoughts, their bravery, highly responsible and practiced effectively.

Finally, I wish everyone healthy for the first thing, second with the transparent ideas regarding the national advantages and for the tribal people, the third was your hearts should be filled with the bravery under our party’s smartness.

(from some parts of heroic revolutionary ideology book pages 1,2,3,4)


Speech of Khamtai Siphanedon at the Hero of the LPDR Presentation Ceremony 4/1979

Khamtai Siphanedon Picture
Khamtai Siphanedon, the committee of Lao People’s Revolutionary Party Center, reading the report of government in the meeting of the Heroic national championship in 4/1979, at Vientiane.

The government report in the National Heroic Championship meeting in 4/79, presented by General Khamte Sipandone, the committee of Political Center, Vice-President of Ministry of Defense in Vientiane.

Presented by : Mr. Khamtai Siphanedon

The president and all beloved friends, our nation was ready to move gracefully and brightly. In the history for thousand years, the people owned their country, they were in their society, there were several conditions in their fortunes to establish the country forcefully, had new life, was new person, protected the nation’s independence and liberty stable forever.

The brighten future may be appeared to be truth by our bravery, just not feeling exhausted, intelligent in decision and protected their country, secured the new system throughout the party, throughout the army and entire people.

With our heart unchangeable towards the victory in revolutionary contestation in the past over 30 years, towards the successful in history, for this national heroic championship meeting.

Therefore, we made that the decision of the meeting become new decisions which were the ways to practice along their policies to change something around the party-state, that was the action plan of the party the 5th, the 6th and the 7th, and economic development plan of the state from now to 2000.

Created the relationship to the labor – farmers – revolutionary people to complete their duties according to the assignment of the organization.

Created the traditional life plan to be purity and increasing their harmoniousness, participated the process of market economic device which were from people, by people and for the tribal people.

Someone who had the weapons must be careful, prepared to battle, determined to protect the nation, must be timely after taking the order, must guarantee in the victory when battling. Regarding to concentrate and create their economy strong and grown-up in the future.

The tribal people in our country increased their harmoniousness, be able to identify the enemies’ tricks, be equivalent, assisted each other, prepared to prevention and established the country.

In the history, when the nation had the disasters from the aggression, we were ready to appear ourselves, showing our attention of harmony and gathering the duplex energy.

Under the party’s direction throughout 30 years, people had spread their hero increasingly, had the wonderful situations.

In the present revolution, the army and the people were the symbol. The local where had the hero and the champion must increase the harmony for taking the victory in the battlefield.

We made the decision to let all the factory, the farms, the houses, the offices, the schools, the hospitals and the others, armed force, became the unit flock to competition and scramble their works for getting the victory step by step.


Speech of Thongsing Thammavong at the Hero of the LPDR Presentation Ceremony 5/12/1994

Thongsing Thammavong Picture
Thongsing Thammavong had introduced to the hero-the national championship in the occasion of ornament the Honor to hero-championship at Muang Hom, Vientiane, on 5/12/94.

Speech of Mr. Thongsing Thammavong

The committee of Political Party Center Head of Organization, discussed in the ornament ceremony of Medal of National Hero and Championship Muang Hom (Date 5 December 1994)

To the President,

The Honored guests,

The hero, the championship, and everyone who are in the ceremony and my beloved friends.

In this occasion, we are very happy to celebrate the foundation day of Lao People’s Democratic Republic 19th anniversary, and today is also the Mong tradition.

I’m very grateful and be honored to participate this Medal of National Hero Ceremony, and the championship to the department and the people in Muang Hom.

For this occasion, the administrative party center, the government and myself, have to present our harmony sincerely. We must talk to the being of officers, party’s members, senior warrior revolution, hero, championship and the tribal people in this occasion.

Beloved friends……

Reminding to our liberate, anti the imperialist and the traitor at Muang Hom for 30 years ago which was prolonged. That made the bravery and durable people who sacrificed since 1948 after someone revolute and arouse us. The revolutionary officers told us to movement for establish country, to enlightenment the ways to fight correctly, including their spirit and loved their hometown, aggressive to the colony. People in Muang Hom such as the owner shop and the chief wakeful and volunteered to participate the revolution. After that, Muang Hom became the station of revolution at the Northeast of Vientiane.

Passing through the fighting movement in each period, there was some trouble because the enemies took the tricks with us such as intimidate, sneak, attack for terminate the revolutionary procession. Tribal people of Muang Hom just not only surrender them, but they decided to arouse their children be soldiers, to resist their attack. It can say that the more enemies aggressive, the more revolution bigger. Since there were the secret soldiers, that made us have the local soldier. The administrative officers pointed us to protect and secure our country forever. There were local soldiers, the parties and the administration in direct people battle and prevent their country.

It means during three periods of battle in anti-colonial and anti-imperialist, people of Muang Hom devoted to the party and to their country persistently, determinant and patient towards the obstacles and the difficulties. They were harmoniousness, helped each other when it’s starving, when the enemies burning home, people left their money to the officers, to the local soldiers, to the government soldiers who were the party’s soldiers without any charge.

Along the enemies’ movement, people of Muang Hom attended to increase the products by themselves, protected themselves even they were so far from the center and sometimes cannot contact from the outside. Besides, the tribal people attended to study hard in read and write and create their new lives.

From their works, their goodness and their bravery as the above mentioned, it should cerebrate the honor day to be history in releasing their country, dissolved the democracy system and established the Lao People’s Democratic Republic on 2 December 1975.

The party-government and the tribal people in the country had memorized the obligation and the smartness of people in Muang Hom. The party-state used to praising them especially after establish the new system, there were many departments received the praises in different level. The special was in the National Hero Meeting and the National Championship, first time in 1979. the party center and the government agreed to given the Honor to Muang Hom to be National Hero City. And in this occasion, given the Medal of National Hero to Naoletorchongche and Leeyangle and given the Medal of Honor for Championship to Leoimalor, Tongmengwachong and Khawpaotor. Besides, the departments received the Honor by succession. After the country had released under the party’s directions, the authority of Vientiane and the administrative authority and people in Muang Hom was still resist the enemies patiently.

However, the bravery of people in Muang Hom for more than 30 years of th revolution, had not finished yet. Therefore, it should research and follow again, this time had 2 villages 5 persons receiving the Honor to be national hero, there were 11 houses and 48 persons receiving the Honor to be national championship.

The departments and the persons who received the Medal of National Hero and National Championship, used to pass the test of fighting. They sacrificed everything for the revolution. They were the sample of warriors, serving for the front, created the area at the rear.

The Honor ornament ceremony certified that our party government cared and followed up the goodness and the bravery of the tribal people throughout the country especially for the people in Muang Hom towards their country during 30 years ago.

Beloved friends……

According to the party’s policies related to the new situations in developed economy and social enlargement. At present time, Muang Hom was separated to be two city as follows :- Muang Hom and Muang Longxane. Both cities depended on special area Xaysomboon.

Up to the present now, although Muang Hom was divided to be two cities, but the party, the administration, the people of two cities must inherit their harmony, ready to protect their city and preserved their bravery, assisted each other, developed their economy, culture-social, according to the conclusion of the rural development.

The important problem was should be conscious towards the enemies’ tricks, towards bad people who made us difficult things, who made us misunderstand in the party’s direction and in the government, should not trust someone easily, should not separate the tribe. Contrarily, it should develop their country following the schedule, the special project, made people life-living be better, should adjust the politic of each city to be stable.

Finally, should caring in protection our nation and secured the peace, created the conditions for making people work for living, saving the goodness of the officers, the party’s members, the warriors and people in Muang Hom. People in Muang Hom in the past should love their country, love the new system, made the hero became to develop their country.

Blessing you healthy.

“Thank you”.