LP12 BADGE OF LABOR (or Medal of Labor)
  Lao text gif(lian-ga haeng-ngan)
single class – established in 1980
  For: meritorious labor, who are not awarded the Medal of Labor
  Design: star breast badge, gilt with enamels, 43mm across, with suspension bar
    Obverse: sharp pointed gold star with large disk of blue sky with scene of green rice paddies, construction crane, forest, and gold hammer and sicle above, with gold rice sheaves to side, and half cogwheel in dark blue below with red riband with gold Lao inscription for encouragement of laborLao text gif(soong-seum gawn-awk haeng-ngan);
    Reverse: plain
  Ribbon: suspension with an enameled bar, 20mm, in the design of the LPDR flag


Badge of Labor Picture
Badge of Labor