LP17 COMMEMORATIVE BADGE FOR FIVE YEARS OF THE LPDR (or Commemorative Medal for Five Years of the LPDR)
  Lao text gif(lian-ga la-nuk 5 bi)
single class – established in 1980
  For: merit in the development of the Lao PDR
  Design: star breast badge, gilt with enamels, 30mm across, with suspension bar
    Obverse: gold five pointed star, with three small points between each arm, and a central disk with the arms of the LPDR, green square lined paddy fields with a gold half cogwheel superimposed, and a setting sun and hammer and sickle in gold on a red upper half, with gold sheaves of rice on either side, and below on red the inscription "1975-1980";
    Reverse: central disk indented and plain and other portions lightly pebbled
  Ribbon: suspension to enameled bar, 20mm, in pattern of LPDR flag

This was widely bestowed on soldiers and other during the December 2, 1980 celebration of five years of the LPDR. It was manufactured in East Germany.


Commemorative Badge for Five Years of the Lao PDR Picture
Commemorative Badge for Five Years of the Lao PDR