LP13 MEDAL OF FRIENDSHIP (or Order of Friendship)
  Lao text gif(lian-sai mid-dah-pahp)
single class – established in 1979
  For: award to diplomats, members of visiting delegations, and other foreigners who help or evince friendship for the LPDR
  Design: round breast badge, gilt with enamels, 35mm across, with suspension bar
    Obverse: light blue disk, with gold rice sheaves on either side and a dark blue/gold/red half cogwheen below with red ribands inscribed with the Lao inscription for friendship Lao text gif(mid-dah-pahp), and a white map of Laos on a central dard blue disk with a red rim;
    Reverse: plain
  Ribbon: red 28mm, with suspension bar in the “hero” style


Medal of Friendship Picture
Medal of Friendship