Lao text gif(lian giet-dti-koon)
single class – established in 1992
  For: foreign leaders for improving the relationship and collaboration with the LPDR
  Design: star-round breast badge, gold with enamels, ? mm across, with “hero” style suspension ribbon
    Obverse: sharp pointed gold star, with three smaller points between each arm, and center of rayed circle with two layers of points extending outside of that, and around that sheaves of rice on either side with green stalks bound by a red ribbon, and below on a red ribbon the name of the award in Lao inscription Lao text gif(lian giet-dti-koon);
    Reverse: ?
  Ribbon: light blue 22mm
  Composition: gold 30%
silver 70%
Total weight = 1 Baht 1 Sarung (16 gm)

The medal is very rare.

Medal of Honor Picture
Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor Picture
Medal of Honor
bestowed in 2010 by the Lao PDR President upon
HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
see at http://www.alwaleed.com.sa/awards/medals/
(this example provided with a blue sash)

Other awards:

  • In 1991, presented to Thai Princess Sirindhorn
  • An example reported to be in the Luang Prabang National Museum.