Lao text gif(lian pho-sai laan-saang)
single class – established in 1992
  For: foreign leaders for improving the relationship and collaboration with the LPDR
  Design: roundish breast badge, gold with enamels, ? mm across, with “hero” style suspension ribbon
    Obverse: two sets of eight shallow points with shallow points in the angles, the outer set in green enamel with a thin chain-like gold design and the inner set being gold, with a central disk in green with a design of a gold stupa and tree on green enamel background, and below on a red ribbon the name of the award in Lao inscription Lao text gif(lian pho-sai laan-saang);
    Reverse: ?
    Suspension: two gold curlicues ending in Lao design flames
  Ribbon: 22mm; blue 2.5mm, red 1.5mm, blue 14mm, red 1.5mm, blue 2.5mm
  Composition: gold 40%
silver 60%
Total weight = 3.5 Baht (14 sarung) (53.354 gm)

The medal is very rare.

Medal of Phoxay Lane Xang Picture
Medal of Phoxay Lane Xang


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