Meadal Wearing Example Picture
An official illustration of the LPDR on how to wear the awards

Directions in Using the Medal, Badge and Certificate:

Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Peace - Independence - Democracy - Unity - Prosperity
Prime Minister Office                No. 139/Sor.Nor.Yor.Lor.Chor.
Directions in using Medal,
Badge and Certificate

Someone who received the Medal, the Badge and the Congratulatory Certificate were someone who outstanding and goodness in the revolution, who prevented and developed the nation who were chosen by people and affirmed from the party and the government has agreed.

- Regarding their tasks and their goodness in each period, therefore, there will be many people who deserved to receive the Medal, the Badge and the Certificate. That means to confirm their tasks, their goodness and their acknowledgement in the party.

Therefore someone who received the praising should know how to use it, know to protect and prevent the praise correctly because money cannot by this thing.

Hence, the Prime Minister Office suggested as followings :-

Medal and Badge :-

1. Should put the medal and the badge as follows :-

There were not any suggestions in the past about the regulations in putting the medal and the badge. At this time, everyone should know and make understand the regulation and the principal temporary in putting the medal and the badge :-

Kor./ All the medal all class must putting on the left shirt of themselves, if someone who received many of them, should putting them from right to left (the same way), if it cannot put them on one line, should put them in the second line but should putting them from the higher class to the lower class.

Khor./The badge and the badge of commemoration should put on the right chest of themselves. Someone has already received and will receive them again, so you can put them on the same line but should putting the badge (with the head) namely; badge of labour, anti-colonial badge and anti-imperialist badge and badge of five years, and then putting another badge without the head or put them into two lines or many lines.

2. Should putting the medal and the badge in the appropriate occasion:-

After receiving the medal and the badge, should not keep them as the contraband. There were several friends who received the medal and the badges but they need not to show their friends because they felt shy, someone received just one badge and feeling shame their friends because they thought that they received a little and need not to show anyone.

It doesn’t mean that can present all the times, it should be put in the occasion of Honor , in order to deserve the nation’s dignity. It was divided to be 2 levels to put the medals as follows :-

1. Ceremony to put with the uniform :-
- the National day 2 December
- the Founded Party Cerebration 22 March
- the Army Cerebration 20 January (only soldiers, police or the guests)
- the International Woman’s Day 8/3 (only women or invited men)
- the important ceremony of each office which was agreed.
- the hero and championship meeting or the meeting of local department.
2. Put with uniforms :-
- put all medals and all badges which had received both from inside and outside the country.
- put the medal must put on the medal.
- should check the medal neatly, it means to put them equally.
3. Occasions which should not put the medal :-
- Ceremony reception, or invited in the formal party, just put only head of medal, not necessary to put the badge.

- Shirt for the medal should be a suitable shirt, if it was the boutique international or uniform. It should not usual wearing, Indian shirt or flower shirt.

4. Should protect the medal, the badge and the Congratulatory Certificate as followings :-

It should affirm that the medal, the badge and the Congratulatory Certificate were value, cannot representing in money, and they were not the purchasing products. The badge and the Congratulatory Certificate were praising and be the awards to someone who outstanding and confirming to their tasks, their goodness and the advance in each period. Everyone who received this praise should protect this rewards deeply. To protect the medal, the badge and the congratulatory certificate were preventing their goodness and their advancement.
- on the other hand, they presented to the respect and the agreement of public, the certificate and the affirmation of the party-state, therefore someone who received the praise should :-
1/- In case of not putting them, should keep them in the box safety of wherever kept your stuffs, because the medal and the badge were important, could not purchasing.
2/- When putting them, should put them carefully, always check them

If they put off the shirt, should put on them carefully before walking.
- For the Congratulatory Certificate and the Medal Certificate, the Badge :-

1. Because the Congratulatory Certificate and the Medal Certificate and the badge cannot put on you, but they were something secret, therefore, everyone who received the Congratulatory Certificate and the Certificate of Medal and Badge should keep them into the frame in the living-room at your own house.

2. Prohibit to make them broken or dirty on the certificate.
- About the public

The Department, the local and the organization where received the Congratulatory Certificate, the Badge and the flag must prepare the place to keep them carefully. Should make the glass cupboard to keep them in the living-room of the office.
- Should attentive in some case

1. In case of those praising certificate were damage such as fire, flooding, boat capsize, float down, should inform the officer known by stated the date damage and the incident to make them damage, must inform what type of medal and what class it was, the number of guarantee certificate and the date to guarantee. If it was reasonable that incident was out of control, the concerning cannot avoid that incident, the officers may considered regarding that reasons.

2. Someone who received the Congratulatory Certificate in the class of medal, in case of doing mistake getting in jail (except the political problem must be kept temporarily with the office or the Department of the concerning), after the concerning was acquitted and being good person, the officers will return them to the concerning. In case of the political mistake, that Department should keep them at the office and report to the Prime Minister Office or the Institute of Medal.
3. In case of the medal broken, damage or changed, should inform the officer considering, maybe the officer approved to change and give the new one with the suitable reasons.

- Not allow to give the new one in case of its old and wish to change it, because it was the history in each period.

Vientiane, Date : 3 April 1981
Signed under Deputy Prime Minister
Thongkham Janthaphone
(Certified correct from the original)