Médaille du Sena Jayaseddh
(Meday Sena Jayaseddh)
one class - established December 29, 1928
  For: soldiers, Royal Guards, Native Guards, and civilians for acts of high bravery accomplished for the defense of the national territory and for the repression of acts of rebellion and piracy, and for constant zeal in the exercise of duty
  Design: squarish breast badge, gold, with suspension ribbon
    Obverse: a Garuda with wings outspread, with a fixed suspension above, and tails spread below, embracing a disk of the Buddhist wheel with inside on the spokes a goblet and design above, the wheel being in silver;
    Reverse: plain
  Ribbon: 37mm; red 8mm, blue 21mm, red 8mm, and within the red, one series of yellow squares 3mm by 3mm running along 2mm from the edge, and another series of 1mm by 1mm yellow squares touching the blue (some ribbons are pictured with the yellow squares running off a central 1mm yellow line running through the red)

This high military award corresponds to the French Médaille Militaire.  Senior generals, including Marshal Lon Nol in his review of the last parade of the Khmer Republic, wore this medal high on their awards. Possibly, also, it was awarded to some civilians for merit in regard to military matters.

Early regulations for this award stated that recipients, proposed by the Ministry of National Defense, were to receive 200 piasters a year and the right to receive the salute of the Royal Guards and the Royal Army.  A Presidential Decision of April 30, 1974, said the Sena Jayaseddh Medal could be conferred only on those who had received six National Defense Medals with the Order of the Republic Citation. As with other Asian languages, the name could be transliterated with various spellings, such as Medaille Sena Chey Set.

The medal has been reportedly manufactured by Chobillon in Paris, and perhaps elsewhere in France and Cambodia.  

Examples are infrequently seen on the market.

5/A Version of the Kingdom
  Design: fixed suspension above is a Khmer Royal crown, and the design above the goblet on the wheel is the Cambodian Buddhist sign "OM", a small curlicue figure, 37mm

Sena Jayaseddh Medal - Kingdom
CM05/A Sena Jayaseddh Medal - Kingdom

This example awarded to Monsieur Maurice Couve de Murville, Minister of Foreign Affairs, 25 June 1964. Manufactured by A. Chobillon, Paris.

Sena Jayaseddh Medal - Kingdom - alt ribbon
Alternate Ribbon (found on a Kingdom type medal)

5/B Version of the Republic
  Design: Fixed suspension above is made of curlicue, flame-like lines, and the design above the goblet on the wheel is an open book, 41mm

5/B/1 Gold / Vermeil / (Meas)

Sena Jayaseddh Medal - Republic
CM05/B Sena Jayaseddh Medal - Republic

Sena Jayaseddh Medal - Republic
CM05/B Sena Jayaseddh Medal - Republic

5/B/2 Silver (possibly) / Argent / (Prak)

5/C Version of the Current Kingdom

It has been revived by the current Kingdom with a new ribbon.  The medals of the revived Kingdom are of the same design as the original Kingdom design but with small die differences.  The ribbon of the medal of the revived Kingdom is of the same color pattern , but simply stripes of red on the edge, then yellow, and a wide blue center. The redesigned ribbon may simply reflect the desire for a ribbon that would be cheaper than the earlier complicated design. The new medal has a gold star device, perhaps indicating that there are other devices for one or more other classes.

Sena Jayaseddh Medal - Revived Kingdom
CM05/C Sena Jayaseddh Medal - Current Kingdom
Sena Jayaseddh Medal - Revived Kingdom - Mini
CM05/C Sena Jayaseddh Medal - Miniature - Current Kingdom