Medaille de la Proprete, Medaille de l'Hygiene
three classes - established June 8, 1960
  For: contributing to the embellishment and improvement of own residences and the environment – apparently for people who spruced up their homes in model fashion
  Design: round breast badge, gold/silver/bronze, 34mm across, with suspension ribbon
    Obverse: in the center a two story house, with rays above, and below two branches with flowers;
    Reverse: Khmer inscription "Prince Norodom Sihanouk Medal of Honor Year of 1958"
  Ribbon: yellow with two interwoven 1mm violet lines 8mm from each edge and in the center;
    This may originally have had a ribbon of blue 8mm, red 8mm, blue 8mm, red 8mm, blue 8mm.

It is rarely found.

21/1 Gold / Médaille de Vermeil / (Meday Meas)

21/2 Silver / Médaille d'Argent / (Meday Prak)

21/3 Bronze / Médaille de Bronze / (Meday Samrit)


Order of Immaculateness
Order of Immaculateness


Order of Immaculateness
CM21 Order of Immaculateness