Ordre de la Loyaute
three classes - established about June 15, 1966
  For: devotion and self-sacrifice to the Fatherland and loyalty to the throne
  Design: round breast badge, gold, 37mm across, with suspension ribbon
    Obverse: in the center lotus blossom in red and two leaves (with leaves, stems and pod in green) surrounded with Khmer inscription "Honesty, Faithfulness" in two small quadrefoil designs; suspension of royal crown with rays from the top;
    Reverse: plain
  Ribbon: 36mm; blue 3mm, red 3mm, blue 3mm, white 18mm, blue 3mm, red 3mm, blue 3mm

The title can also be translated as the Order of Fidelity.

The three classes of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals may each have a different Khmer inscription.

26/1 Gold / Médaille de Vermeil / (Meday Meas)
  Ribbon: 36mm; service bar - with rosette and silver wings

Order of Loyalty

26/2 Silver / Médaille d'Argent / (Meday Prak)
  Ribbon: 36mm; service bar - with rosette

26/3 Bronze / Médaille de Bronze / (Meday Samrit)
  Ribbon: 36mm; service bar - without rosette

There are apparently at least two quite different die examples of this award.

Few examples of this award seem to have survived the Pol Pot years.

Order of Loyalty
CM26 Order of Loyalty