I am an avid collector of Cambodian medals. Below is a partial list of items I am ineterested in obtaining. If you have any of these items, or any other interesting items, please let me know:

General items:

  1. Brevets / award documents
  2. References or articles I don’t have (see references page)
  3. Maker catalogs with items from Cambodge, Laos, or Indochine medals (pictures, prices, etc)
  4. Ordinances / Statutes
  5. Pictures of items I don’t have pictures of
  6. Any contact at Bertrand (or other maker) who can help to research design history
  7. Any pieces in gold, or with jewels or otherwise exceptional pieces
  8. Any interesting dug examples
  9. Any miniatures

Specific items:

CM01 ROYAL ORDER OF CAMBODIA / Ordre Royal du Cambodge

  1. Any early types, either first type without crown or other very early types
  2. Any unusual types, or private made or Artisanal types
  3. Any pictures of first type, early type or private made / Artisanal type
  4. A Plaque or Star with jewels (or any other classes with jewels also)
  5. First type with Cambodian-style crown (see item 1/4/B), or even a picture of one (is this genuine or just a fabrication ?)
  6. extra Grand-cross sash
  7. Other variation

CM02             NATIONAL ORDER OF INDEPENDENCE / Ordre National de l'Independence

  1. Any example
  2. Any evidence that this medal existed below the collar class (pictures, reports, examples, etc)
  3. A picture of any actual pieces
  4. Any other documentation about this award.
  5. Any known recipients (beyond the three already known)

CM03 ORDER OF THE REPUBLIC / Ordre de la République

  1. Any examples, pictures, or other information
  2. Where is the example worn by LON NOL ? (a musuem anywhere ?)

CM05 SENA JAYASEDDH MEDAL / Médaille du Sena Jayaseddh

  1. Other variation

CM06A NATIONAL MERIT MEDAL   Médaille du Mérite National

  1. Any example
  2. Any known recipients

CM07 MEDAL OF NATIONAL DEFENSE   Médaille de la Défense Nationale

  1. Any known early examples or photos of early examples - how to know if an example is from the early 50's or later 60's

CM09 MEDAL OF NORODOM I / Médaille de Norodom Ier

  1. a real gold one
  2. bronze w/ suspension
  3. any w/o suspension (table medal) – gold/silver/bronze

CM10 MEDAL OF SISOWATH I / Médaille de Sisowath Ier

  1. any w/o suspension (table medal) – gold/silver/bronze
  2. 20E BATAILLON INDOCHINOIS 1916 – 1917 Medal

CM11 MEDAL OF SISOWATH MONIVONG / Médaille de Sisowathmonivong

  1. a real gold one
  2. any w/o suspension (table medal) – gold/silver/bronze

CM14  ORDER OF THE QUEEN  / Ordre de Sa Majesté la Reine

  1. Grand Cross or Grand OfficierClass, or silver medal
  2. Ribbon for class 4 or 5

CM15 ROYAL ORDER OF SOWATHARA  / Order Royal du Sowathara

  1. Other variation

CM16 ROYAL ORDER OF MONISERAPHON   Ordre Royal du Moniseraphon

  1. Case for Grand Cross or Grand Officier
  2. Other variation

CM17 ANUSSARA MEDAL OF ROYAL REMEMBRANCE   Medaille du Souvenir Royal Anussara

  1. Other dates

CM18 KHEMARA PATEKAR MEDAL OF CAMBODIAN RECOGNITION   Medaille de la Reconnaissance Cambodgienne Khemara Patekar

  1. Gold class example - French made (complete medal or if not, then ribbon with rosette)
  2. Other dates

CM21 MEDAL OF IMMACULATENESS   Medaille de la Proprete, Medaille de l'Hygiene

  1. Any example or picture or other information

CM22 SATREI VATHAN MEDAL OF FEMININE MERIT   Medaille du Merite Feminin Satrei Vathana

  1. Any example or picture of pre-kingdom piece (before 1975)

CM23 ROYAL ORDER OF INDUSTRIAL MERIT   Ordre Royal du Merite Industriel

  1. Any example or picture or other information

CM24 ROYAL ORDER OF LABOR MERIT   Ordre Royal du Merite Ouvrier

  1. Commander grade
  2. Any more information about this award

CM25 FAITHFUL SERVICE ORDER   Ordre du Services Fidele

  1. Commander class

CM26 ORDER OF LOYALTY   Ordre de la Loyaute

  1. Any example or picture or other information

CM27 ORDER OF THE OUTSTANDING SERVANT OF THE STATE   Ordre du Serviteur Emerite de l'Etat

  1. Any example or picture or other information

CM28 COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL FOR THE ROYAL CRUSADE FOR INDEPENDENCE   Medaille Commemorative de la Croisade Royale pour l'Independence

  1. Any example or picture or other information

CM30 MEDAL OF PREAH VESANDAR   Ordre du Preah Vesandar

  1. Any example or picture or other information